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Reading for Speed and Retention

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the volume of materials we are expected to read.  Whether delivered in the form of emails, reports or meeting papers, the current “information explosion” places pressure on all of us.

As children, we were taught certain ways of reading which we may have taken into adulthood.  Whilst some of these approaches remain useful, it is possible that some of these old habits are no longer helpful or may even be actively working against us.

Whilst many of us take our reading skills for granted, this booklet will provide you with ideas on how you can increase your reading speed and improve your understanding and retention of important documents.

Originally written to support in-house training workshops, this standalone 30-page A4 booklet covers:

  • The reading process
  • Minimising barriers to fast reading
  • Using different reading styles
  • Maximising eye/brain relationship
  • Reading from computer and tablet screens
  • Reading carefully for understanding and retention.

Written by Miranda Smythe, who has over 20 years’ experience in helping people to improve their reading effectiveness, this is an essential guide.

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We also run in-house training courses on Reading for Speed and Retention.  For information and an informal discussion please contact us.